Fall means pumpkins. There is really no getting around pumpkin … well, everything during this time of year. Most likely you are thinking about the reality of carving jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. This is always a messy project, but kids and adults alike love it. Did you know that you don’t have to throw out those seeds you scoop out?

Here are some ideas of how to repurpose those pumpkin seeds:

– Roast them:

Roasting pumpkin seeds is super simple, and they make for a great healthy snack for the whole family! You can mix up the seasonings to whatever you would like, make them sweet or savory. Here are the basics – clean them well, boil them, roast them on a pan at 350 for about 40 minutes, stirring them around every 10 minutes, until they are firm and crunchy.

– Get crafty:

Clean them, dry them, and then dye them or color them! Let the kiddos decorate pictures, or make other fall-themed crafts! Check out Pinterest for a plethora of ideas!

– Make a Bird Feeder:

Wash them, dry them, and put them in a bird feeder! Birds love pumpkin seeds, so why not give them a little treat too?

Do you have any tips and tricks to repurpose those pumpkin seeds this fall?