2021 is approaching, and much like the rest of the year, it’s likely that New Year’s Eve will look different for many of us. That means it’s time to look into different, safe ways to celebrate the holiday, along with the whole family in tow. 

A night out might not be on the table, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a fun evening that will appeal to all ages. 

Take a look at this guide for family-friendly ways to celebrate ringing in the New Year. 

Get Crafty

New Year’s hats are a given. Along with confetti or even festive glasses. These are all sure to be a hit with kids. If you’re a crafty parent (or aunt, cousin, etc.), head to the craft store and stock up on goods. Create a fun activity in making custom hats, glitter bombs, and more. 

For the non-crafty crew, take the kids shopping (yes, even online shopping counts) and let them pick out some fun gear for the night. They will surely be proud of their recent purchase and want to show it off.

Simple coloring pages with a dropping ball or featuring 2021 are also easy, yet effective way to bring some activity to the night. 

Game Night

Creating a panel of family games can also keep all ages occupied. Choose age-appropriate titles so kids can thrive in their own abilities. Best of all, the game night can be as big as you make it. Create a winner’s bracket and span multiple titles, or stick to a single game that’s everyone’s favorite. 

No matter what you make of it, playing a family game can involve kids and parents (or additional family members) for some face-to-face fun. 

Celebrate in All Time Zones

For those who have military members who aren’t at home, this is the perfect opportunity to double the New Year’s celebration. Once for your current time zone, and another for your loved one’s location. Video calls are a welcome addition, but even when talking isn’t available, there’s plenty of New Year celebrating to be done. 

Snack Dinners

Host appetizers instead of a traditional meal so that everyone can choose a favorite. A day or two beforehand, let everyone choose their favorite snack or appetizer. Older kids can prep their own dish (win-win!), while younger kids can assist in the kitchen. Meanwhile, you’re creating a fun tradition where everyone snacks throughout the night and can be excited about the fact that they had a say in the meal. 

(With kids, this alone can go a long way!)

Watch the TV Programs

Of course, it wouldn’t be New Year’s without a TV of screaming announcers. Even if programming plans are altered this year, your family can still tune in for an exciting way to celebrate around the country. 

Turn in Early!

If you have young kids, the sleep struggle bus is REAL. Chances are that your kids won’t stay up until midnight anyway, so why try and push it? Go to bed when you want to, and whenever is early enough so that you get enough sleep. Don’t force yourself to make it to midnight just because it’s New Year’s. Sleep is precious, so you should take it when it’s available. 

Celebrate Your Family!

Every family has its own New Year’s traditions. Even if this year is different, celebrate them in the best way that you can! After all, that’s what helps keep traditions alive, bringing them back around year after year. With them you can keep your whole family entertained and full of excitement to ring in 2021!

What are your favorite New Year’s traditions? Tell us below.