Are you about to PCS?

There’s nothing worse than moving to a new town and not knowing a soul! Yes, it’s an adventure and yes you’ve been there before. You know you’ll soon make friends. Eventually. (That is, real friends who are worth your time!) But in the meantime, days can be long and lonely. Which is all the more motivation to meet new folks sooner rather than later.

The good news is you aren’t in this alone. Everyone in a military base knows what it’s like to pick up and move, and many will reach out and be friendly. So when neighbors stop by to say hi, say hi back! Talk to them about their favorite hot spots and maybe even exchange information. You just might make a new acquaintance!

Next, get out of the house! Look up activities and see what there is to do. Explore and try new things. Even if it’s just you and your kids (or just you!), you can have a point of reference in your new town. Challenge yourself to strike up a few conversations as you go, too.

You should also attend events on post, check out your FRG, and invite others over. Or if you don’t feel comfortable just yet, try a play date, coffee date, etc. to help break the ice.

Remember not to overlook friends from previous duty stations who have PCSd to the same base. (Try searching your Facebook friends by location.) The military is a small place!

What other methods do you have for making new friends at your newest location?