Thank you to Ariel from Daddy Combat for this great tribute to the Air Force Reserve!

The Air Force Reserve started April 14th, 1948 by the order of President Harry S. Truman. It was initially meant to be a ‘Stand By’ force to augment the Active Air Force in times of need. That mission soon changed and evolved into what the Air Reserve is today.

Happy 67th Birthday Air Force Reserve!!

The Air Reserve is now a Major Command (MAJCOM) within the Active duty Air Force. There are over 40 Air Reserve units which covers 20 percent of the work done by the whole Air Force.

Some of the missions that these units execute are Pararescue, Fighter Squadrons, Air Refueling Wings, Airborne Warning & Control Systems, and weather reconnaissance such as the Famous Hurricane Hunters out of Keesler AFB, MS.

Pararescuemen: Pararescuemen are a small, elite group of men who are intensely trained to execute conventional and non-conventional rescues. Their primary mission is to rescue aircrews downed behind enemy lines. Para-jumpers, known as PJs, operate around the world and live by the motto “That others may live.”  When no one needs rescuing, PJs assist during natural disasters (such as Hurricane Katrina), and contribute to rescues at sea, in deserts, and on mountains across the nation. They work with HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopters and the HC-130P/N tankers that refuel them in mid-air.

As part of the 920th Rescue Wing, PJs primarily operate out of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona, and Patrick Air Force Base in Florida near the Kennedy Space Center (where they assist during every launch from Cape Canaveral ( Air Force Reserve Website)

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Airborne Warning & Control Systems (AWACS) is a constant flying command center that captures all of the action over a specific air space and reports the data in real time to the Joint Air Operations Center.  These airborne command posts control everything military in the sky and are constantly searching for unidentified aircraft or missiles. They coordinate information about weather, air traffic, unidentified aircraft, and more.  The AWACS is made up of the E-3 Sentry and C2BM, a highly modified Boeing 707 with a radar system that is used to conduct surveillance from the stratosphere to the surface of the Earth.  The Air Force Reserve’s 513th Air Control Group operates out of Tinker Air Force Base near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. ( Air Force Reserve Website)
My job is closely related to controllers on AWACS the only differences are that I’m a ground based controller and we actually work 99% of the time. The running joke is that AWACS is usually always broken.  In this video you’ll here communication between fighter pilots and controllers on AWACS. It will sound like gibberish but a lot of information is passed back and forth with out having to say a whole lot on the radio.

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The Hurricane Hunter is probably one of the best jobs that the Air Force Reserve gets to do. No other branch of the military gets to fly C-130s into the heart of massive hurricanes just to see what’s going on inside of them. Enjoy this short clip from The Weather Channel.

Disclaimer: Video does not belong to me it is property of The Weather Channel  and is being used for strictly educational purposes.

These different missions are just a taste of what the Air Force Reserve does on a regular basis. Like all of our branches the Air Force Reserve trains hard to protect our nation both at home and abroad. Happy Birthday Air Force Reserve and here is to another 67 years!