The Marine Corps Reserve was formed in 1916 by President Woodrow Wilson. At its inception, the Marine Corps Reserve consisted of approximately thirty-five members. Today it has expanded to roughly forty-thousand members. 

The missions of the Marine Corps Reserve include: enhancing the active duty Marine forces during times of war and open hostilities, national emergencies, and contingency operations. The Marine Corps Reserve units also relieve active duty forces during times of peace and provide community support as well. 

The birthday of the Marine Corps Reserve is an internal observance. It is not a national holiday, and businesses don’t close. However, if you would like to celebrate and observe the Marine Corps Reserve birthday you might consider flying an American flag to honor those in the service. You could also thank a Marine Corps reservist.

Another option is supporting the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. This program partners with the Navy and Marine Corps to provide financial, educational, and other assistance to eligible members, their families, and survivors in need.