The holidays are a time to celebrate and spend time with the ones you love! Since we know there are a lot of military families out there who can not be together during the holidays we’ve created a place where you can gather and share some holiday cheer!


Wishing everyone near and far a safe and happy holiday!  – The MilitaryOneClick Team

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Ways to Give Back

“Cell phone rings”
A mom’s version of Jingle Bells

Dashing to the mall,
In my 8 horse Chevrolet,
O’er the roads we go,
Stressing all the way!
Ha ha ha!

Cell in my purse rings,
Making my kids fight,
What fun it is to yell and sing –
No dessert tonight!

Cell phone rings, cell phone rings,
kids crying all the way,
Oh, what misery it is to ride,
In my 8 horse Chevrolet –

Cell phone rings, cell phone rings,
Screaming all the way,
Ohhhhh, I wish for a quiet ride,
In my EIGHT—– HORSE—– Chevrolet!!!

The holidays is a great time to show our military how much they are appreciated. Here are a few ways that you can give back this year…

  • USO Holiday WishBook
    USO has a great list of useful gifts for servicemembers and their families. Purchase a gift on their website or send an e-card to let someone know you’re thinking of them!
  • Lock N Load Java
    Our friends at Lock N Load Java roast a mean bean, and they donate to some great military charities (a full $1 for every single order!). They also offer you a chance to buy coffee for a deployed unit.
  • Portraits of Love
    The PMDA, USO, and Soldiers’ Angels have joined forces to send 10,000 free family portraits to deployed soldiers around the globe this holiday season. Find a participating photographer in your area…
  • Operation Jerky Campaign
    allows customers to send a 2 pack of jerky to any serviceman/woman serving overseas or in the US for less than $14. The VFWF receives 20% from every purchase made thru this campaign to help support our veterans, active military and their families.
  • Skincado
    cream calms and soothes incessant sand flea bites, sunburn and dry skin.
  • Flags Across the Nation – collects letters, pillow cases, and blankets
  • Trees for Troops
    Trees for Troops, a program of the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation, provides farm-grown Christmas Trees to armed forces members and their families in the U.S. and stationed overseas.
  • The Sweet Dream Picture Pillows
    are available to the children of any family whose father or mother is on active duty and will be absent from their family for at least three months. All pillows are provided at no charge! We do ask for a contribution to pay for shipping and handling after you order your pillow. We appreciate your interest in our project and for the opportunity to offer this special gift to deployed soldiers.
  • Daddy Dolls™ and Hug-A-Hero™ dolls
    have helped thousands of children cope with the stresses of separation. They are recommended by psychologists. They keep a deployed loved one close if they are deployed with the military, traveling for business, or a grandparent living across the country.
  • Flat Daddies and Flat Mommies
    life-sized printed posters of parents who are actively serving overseas in the military. These posters are printed on a rollable adhesive backed material, are delivered unmounted, and make a great family craft project.

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