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As the snow begins to fall and the leaves begin to change fall arrives with cooler temperatures, kiddos and adults often feel the urge to get out of the house. But, the family and I have found that finding “budget-friendly” activities can be a little of a challenge.   We love to do family outings such as a trip to the local zoo, amusement parks or another awesome attraction but these all can end with an empty wallet.  Fortunately, there are several fun fall family activities that the entire family can enjoy and your wallet will not be totally empty at the end of the day.

Here are a few fun filled fall family activities that are fit for every budget:

1. Find a local apple orchard for a day of picking.Bobbi Apple PIcking
~This is so fun and you will find the prices to be awesome! Pick you apples, don’t forget to take a few pictures while you are at it, and then come home for some hot chocolate and baking fun.  Make homemade apple pies, apple cobbler and if you have a wild side apple cider.  You will find that you have most if not all the ingredients right in your kitchen.  (Make the crust homemade too and let the kiddos roll out the dough, mine love this part.)

Bobbi pumpkin patch2. Spend a day at the local farm/pumpkin patch.
~These awesome places are for kiddos of all ages, yes even the adults.  Most pumpkin patches have hay rides around the pumpkin patch.  Use this time to scope out which pumpkins you want to take home with you.  When we were stationed at Fort Carson, CO there was a pumpkin patch we went to every year that had tints set up with activities for the kiddos.  They had a movie tent, story time tent, decorate a pumpkin cookie tent, spooky house tent and my favorite hot chocolate and face painting tent.  This was so much fun and they only charged $5 per family to get in.

3. Make some fun fall crafts.
~Did you know you can spend hours making fall craft for under $20? Yes! All you have to do is hit up the dollar store in your area and purchase fall craft supplies in bulk.  Now, sit down with your family and come up with a list of crafty idea, then play fall family find! Go around your home and find as many items on your list as you can, then decide what items you still need and go to the dollar store.  Try and stick to the $20 budget thought.  Plan on making some hot chocolate when you get home before you start craft time; put an old sheet on the floor in the family room for the construction of your crafts and put on a fun fall family movie.  This is such a fun budget friendly activity.  Check out for craft ideas. J

4. Make some fall gift baskets.Bobbi fall basket
~Do you have someone in your neighborhood that deserves a little fall cheer? Make them a fall gift basket full of fall cheer. You can add pumpkin cookies, apples, fall themed pictures the kiddos make, just put whatever you want in the basket.  It is fun to go for a hunt outside for pretty leaves that have fallen from the trees to add fall to your basket.  Be creative and remember you are on a budget so try not to spend too much on the basket.  Odds are there are many things around the house you can add to the basket.

5. Make a fall deployment box.
~Maybe your family member is deployed and you want to make them a fall themed deployment box.  This is so much fun and trust me not only will the military love it, the kiddos will love putting it together.  Here are some things you can add to the box: pumpkin pop-tarts, leaves from the back yard, homemade pumpkin bread, apples, small mini-pumpkins from the commissary, have the kiddos make picture frames and add a picture of them in their costume, Halloween candy, you can add anything special your military members loves.  If you do not have a family member deployed then make the box for a neighbor.  Make sure you add notes from the kiddos and yourself to make the final touch to the box.

With a little creativity, it’s possible to come up with fun fall budget-friendly activities the whole family will enjoy.  The key to a successful fall family fun day is to remember to stay active, be frugal and teach the kiddos a useful lesson in the process.

Have A Wonderful Fall Family Fun Day On A Budget! 


Bobbi Pack is a contributing writer for MilitaryOneClick.  Bobbi has over ten years experience in marketing and broadcast as well as a BA from Ottawa University and an MSM from Baker University.  Bobbi has many years experience being a military spouse and loves to share her experiences, challenges and highlights with other military spouses.

Bobbi is the proud wife of Mike, an active duty Army Soldier and mother of two amazing Army Brats and two loving four-legged Army Brats.  Bobbi is currently stationed with her family in North Carolina and is loving every minute of it.  You can check out more of Bobbi’s blogs and military deals and discounts at
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