By Julie Provost

Since 1922, the Navy has commissioned 77 aircraft carriers with three more slated to be commissioned in the next few years. These aircraft carriers have served during wartime as well as peacetime carrying airplanes, personnel, and supplies.

As the years go by and technology changes, the Navy upgrades their aircraft carriers. The carriers should be able to stay in service for 50 years but that doesn’t always happen, especially for the ones serving during wartime.

Look how far we have come! From the USS Langley in 1922 to the USS Gerald R. Ford launched in 2013 . . .

1.USS Langley, in service from 1922-1942

2. USS Lexington, in service from 1927-1942

3. USS Ranger, in service from 1934-1946

4. USS Yorktown, in service from 1937-1942

5. USS Enterprise, in service from 1938-1947

6. USS Essex, in service from 1942-1969

7. USS Lexington, in service from 1942-1991

8. USS Midway, in service from 1945-1992

9. USS Forrestal, in service from 1955-1993

10. USS Enterprise, in service from 1961-2017

11. USS Nimitz, in service from 1975-present

USS NIMITZ (CVN 68)_130626-N-TI017-282

12. USS Harry S Truman, in service from 1998-present

USS Harry S. Truman passes the Rock of Gibraltar.

13. USS George H.W. Bush, in service from 2009-present

USS George H.W. Bush departs Cartagena, Spain.

14. USS Gerald R. Ford, launched in 2013 and scheduled to be commissioned in 2017