Should You Sell Your Out of Season Gear When PCSing?

What have you held onto for far too long, even though you can’t use it at your current duty station?

Living in Georgia, I have a box of snow gear — coveralls, coats, scarves, and gloves — and it’s all tucked away in the attic. It’s sat there for three years, hoping to one day see the light of day. Now, looking back, I probably should have sold the lot. Donated or give to friends — anything that would allow it some extra use while keeping us from having to haul it here and there.

But I didn’t and so it sits. Who knows where our next station will be — maybe we’ll need it? Maybe we won’t. But when it comes to PCSing, it’s already a huge pain, so cutting down how much you have to move is a huge help. Losing a few bucks on the deal can even be worth the convenience of having fewer items to move.

So, should you hold onto items you can’t use at your next duty station? Unless they hold some type of sentimental value or were especially expensive, I’d say no. You can always buy more. And chances are, wherever you’re headed has a choice of what you need — others will be doing the same thing you did on their way out. They purged what they couldn’t or wouldn’t need.

Consider donating or selling your items that you will PCS with before your next move. This is an easy way to cut down packing, hauling, and reorganizing at the next stop. And if it can’t be used anyway, that makes your decision all the more easy to make in the first place. Let it go!

Do you clean house before a big move? What have you held onto that you wish you’d have purged?