Holidays and deployments. What can you do to keep the holly and jolly in your holiday?

When we think about the holidays, we think about joy and laughter with our family. There is a chance that our military spouse may be deployed or working on the holidays. Trust me, I understand. My hubby has been deployed during the holidays and had duty during the holidays one year. We joined him for dinner onboard the ship that year. But the girls and I also made our rounds to friends’ homes too. Yes! We ate several times that day.

If your spouse won’t be home for the holidays and you’re unable to travel back home to be with family, get others to celebrate. You don’t even have to cook traditional holiday meals. Or maybe, you want everyone to bring their favorite traditional dish.

I know you’re wondering why I selected to use a photo of reindeer burgers. If you’re considering to hold off on cooking the big holiday dinner until your loved one returns, create a fun dinner like the reindeer burgers. Invite other spouses with deployed loved ones over, play games, and conversate.

Deployments happen, and the holidays don’t stop them. But, spending time with others helps get us through them.

Happy Holidays to you!