Do you send sentimental items to family members who live far away?

Even if you can’t travel “home” for the holidays, there are plenty of ways to spread your holiday cheer with loved ones in all locations. From sending a gift, to making ones yourself, you’re sure to show just how much you care with the effort to keep each friend or family member on your gift-giving list.

With kids, I’ve noticed family members have been most excited to receive keepsakes that they’ve helped create. We’ve done photos, coloring pages, or making our own crafts. And thanks to the incredible amount of ideas on Pinterest, I have no shortage of options this season. I usually try to include a photo, or hand/footprint of some kind so it’s even more personalized.

For practical gifts you know others will love, that’s no different! Everyone appreciates the time and love you put into making their gift!

Search for ideas like bath scrubs, hot cocoa mix, lotions or lip balms, or dry baking ingredients so they can enjoy your homemade goodies. Send with detailed instructions and it’s like you sent fresh baked goods! Or, if you want to pay a little more in shipping, you can seal cakes or breads in glass jars, seal pies or cookies, and more. (The faster you can get them there, the better.)

As for the crafty side of things, look for anything useful that can be personalized or decorated. Add fingerprints with paint, footprints, etc. Ornaments are a common go-to, but if you want to send something of use, there are plenty of tutorials on adding a personal touch to mugs, plates, hot pads, etc. Having a crafty gene is not required, all it takes is a little effort and some Googling to come up with some thoughtful gifts.

No matter your comfort level with crafting, there’s an entire list of homemade gifts that can be created for your friends near and far.

What are your favorite homemade gifts?