Okay, so you have received orders and you are a family with one than one car….but the military will only pay for you to ship or drive one of them. What are you to do? Well, I was in a little bit of a pickle in August of 2011 when my husband had to go to training in Texas and I was left to PCS alone….and there was one problem I had two vehicles. How was I going to get two vehicles from California to North Carolina alone! I was not about to tow one behind the other…no way…..that is not for me. So, I hit the ground running…or should I say I hit the computer searching for a company to ship one of the vehicles for me. Here are some great options for getting your POV to your new home.

Prior To Vehicle Transport

1. Always use a professional car shipping service.
2. Check with the BBB and see if the shipper you picked is reputable.
3. Clean out your vehicle and make sure there are no valuable items left behind.
4. Make sure you give the driver all of your contact information such as phone numbers, email address, physical address and phone number of an emergency contact.
5. Take pictures of your vehicle prior to transport. Note any damage it may currently have and also do an inspection for the Bill of Lading (BOL). A BOL is a document that reflects when the vehicle is picked up and delivered, but pictures always capture more than words. Get a copy of the BOL and send copies of the pictures and the BOL to the receiver.
6. Keep the driver in the loop, let them know of any delays you may come across….remember things can and will happen during a PCS.
7. Notify your insurance company of the transport. Make sure they are aware of the situation and find out of you need to do anything “special”.

Day Vehicle Is Delivered

1. Do a thorough inspection of the vehicle. If you see any damage done to the car that wasn’t noted in the BOL or in the photos, Military Carmake sure the transporter notes it in the BOL before they give you a copy. You can not make a damage claim unless the damage has been noted in the BOL, and it’s your responsibility to make note of any damage.
2. Keep the company who you hired for transport in the loop. Let them know when you’ve received the vehicle, and of any further issues that may arise.
3. Rate your transporter. I recommend you check reviews on services before you use them. Note any poor or excellent service so that others in the future can use that information when choosing a car shipping provider.

Shipping A POV Recap

You can use to get competing bids from multiple shipping companies which will save some money. Just make sure to thoroughly research a company before accepting their bid. Compare them to each other using sites like and and decide whether they’re a good deal for the price. Make sure you ask if they have a military discount…many times companies will not advertise the discount, so it’s a good idea to ask. I know shipping a POV can be stressful, however I hope these few tips will help make it easier on everyone.

Happy PCSing!!


Thank you to our guest blogger, Bobbi Pack from for this super informative blog!