St. Patrick’s Day was originally a day to celebrate St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. It was set aside on March 17th, the day of his death. Over the centuries, St. Patrick’s day has evolved from a religious holiday where people attended church in the morning and then celebrated and feasted in the evening, to a celebration of Irish culture with food, parades, parties, and a whole lot of green. 

Cities like Chicago go out all out for the holiday, even dying their river green each year. Other cities celebrate with large parades, bar specials, and green beer. It has become something of a party holiday. People are encouraged to “be Irish for a day.” They drink Irish whiskey, beer, and eat traditional Irish dishes. 

Personally, I’m more of a lowkey celebration kind of person. I prefer to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a dinner of corned beef and potatoes, and watch The Boondock Saints. But, I have heard that attending some of these parties, parades, and celebrations can be a lot of fun. Check out your area for St. Patrick’s Day fun! 

How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?