Care Package Ideas

 Thank you to Raven Green for these fabulous care package ideas!

·  How Do You Create Amazing Care Packages?        Stay Smooth” Care Package Razors, Baby wipes, Chapstick, Shaving cream, Deodorant, Mouthwash, Lotion, Foot Powder, Soap, Loofah, Fluffy Towel, Toilet Paper


·How Do You Create Amazing Care Packages?         “Feels like Home” Care Package Febreeze, Candle, Dryer sheets, Phone Card, Blanket, Glade Plug-ins, Slippers, Socks, Hot chocolate/coffee, Coffee mug, Pillowcase

·  How Do You Create Amazing Care Packages?       “Play Time” Care Package Silly putty, Squirt gun, Whoopie cushion, Funny face glasses, Sidewalk chalk, crayons/coloring book,  Balloons, Frisbee, mini sports balls

·   How Do You Create Amazing Care Packages?      “Let’s Go to The Movies” Care Package Movies, Popcorn, M&M’s, Doritos, Cracker Jacks, Rice Krispie Treats, Twizzlers, Cookies, Chips/Dip, Nachos (tortilla chips/cheese)


·    How Do You Create Amazing Care Packages?      “Number 1 Fan” Care Package Sports Magazines, DVD of favorite sport, Cheetos, Popcorn, Personalize mug, Cookies, Favorite team jersey, Favorite team decorations

·How Do You Create Amazing Care Packages?        “Get Well Soon” Care Package Puzzle, Chicken noodle soup packs, Green tea packets, Cold medicine, Crackers, “Get Well’ quotes, Goldfish, Fruit bowls, ” Get Well” Card

Make Your Own with These Most Requested Items: Remember holiday season is coming up and making a fun care package is easy just pick a holiday, decorate and add some items.

·         Linens- pillow cases, twin sheets, towels

·         T-shirts

·         Battery operated flashlights

·         Air fresheners

·         Socks

·         Patriot items- flags, bandanas, hats, banners

·         Sunglasses

·         Alarm Clocks

·         Toiletries- deodorant, shaving cream, razors, etc.

·         Handheld games and cards

·         Holiday decorations

Don’t forget cards, pictures & letters!

 How Do You Create Amazing Care Packages?

Live, Love & Learn,

Ms. MommyHH6

Raven Green aka Ms. MommyHH6


Please let us know how you create amazing care packages in our comments section below.  The more ideas the better!


How Do You Create Amazing Care Packages?Raven is a military spouse and mom of two. She is a freelance writer and advocates for special needs military families. Her oldest is diagnosed with ADHD, SPD, speech & language delays, adjustment disorder and is on the Autism Spectrum. Raven is the author and editor of Ms. MommyHH6, a contributor at Mom-Spot, Military Spouse New Media and Special Happens and has been featured on NextGen MilSpouseHomefront UnitedMilitary OneSource and more. She was named to the Top 25 Military Mom Blogs of 2012 ,Top 50 Military Mom Blogs of 2013 by PopSugar, Top 25 Parenting Blogs of 2013 by UKnowKids, Top 25 Military Blogs of 2013 by SkinnyScoop and 2013 Fort Lee Military Spouse of the Year by Military Spouse Magazine. She resides in Virginia where she is a wife, mom, blogger, writer and advocate. You can reach Raven through FacebookTwitter or email.


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