As a military spouse, you probably have friends all over the country, and even all over the world. People move away, you move away, and while it is always so hard to say goodbye, this type of lifestyle allows you to have friends in many different places.

With May being Military Spouse Appreciation month, now is a good time to think about ways we can show appreciation towards the other military spouses in our lives. But what is the best way to do that across the miles? Here are some ideas:

Support a friend’s business

One of the best ways to appreciate another military spouse is to help support them in their own businesses. Many military spouses have chosen to start their own business instead of trying to keep having to find a new job every time they move. If a friend sells something you would enjoy, take some time to visit their website and place an order. If you can’t buy anything at the moment, you can still share their business with friends and on social media, to help support them that way.

Send a quick message

It’s so easy to live our lives and go way too long without talking to our friends. Why not use this month to reach out to military spouses you haven’t talked to for a while? Check-in, see how they are doing, or even just comment on their social media. Even a quick, “hi” can mean a lot.

Share your stories

If you go into any military spouse group, you are probably going to see some posts about some frustrating things that military spouses have had to deal with. From issues with neighbors to too much drama in the FRG. While these situations happen, it is also a good idea to remember to share your good military spouse stories too.

I have met so many amazing spouses over the years who have helped me in so many ways. From offering to watch my son while I was in the hospital with my baby, to just be a listening ear while I was struggling with something. The military community is a wonderful place, and it is important to keep sharing our stories of military spouses helping one another, to balance out some of the frustrating stories that seem to pop up in different groups.

Help one another out

We don’t have to live in the same city to help each other out. Have a friend looking for a babysitter at your old duty station? See if anyone you know can help them out. Know a friend who is trying to decide where to live, see if any of your friends know how to help? Connections and networking are a huge part of the military spouse community and we can use our networks to help each other out.

As a military spouse, it can sometimes be hard to know how to show our appreciation, especially to people that are no long in our local friend circles, but it is always nice to reach out and let others know that we care.