How long have you lived at your current installation?
Long enough to know what’s going on?

I’m always surprised with all of the activities and events available on our installations, and how many people don’t know about them.

One easy way to start getting information is to “like” your local installation’s Facebook page. The Public Affairs Office often shares links to official events and is a great place for finding the pages for local family readiness and morale, welfare, and recreation pages. Those pages are a wealth of knowledge and information!

Another way is to get plugged into your local family support group.

Frequently, someone puts together a weekly newsletter with events taking place on (and off!) the installation. You’ll want to get on this email list!

Here are some of the things your installation may offer on a regular basis:
1. A pool or splashpad – or even a water park!
2. Stables with riding lessons and trail rides
3. A golf course
4. The fitness center which may host fun events – like boxing competitions
5. Bazaars, flea markets, and other outdoor fairs that double as fundraisers for local organizations
6. A library
7. Parks and playgrounds which may host get-togethers or mandatory fun days
8. Hiking trails or dog parks

We all know that each installation was not created equally. Some of them have more options and more people. But either way, you’ll want to know what’s going on so you can take advantage of the activities that interest you. Stay connected and stay involved.

So what have you taken advantage of at your current duty station?