Starting a side gig or a part-time operation is a great way to scratch that entrepreneurial itch. Whether you have an idea in mind, want to try something new, or just want to bring in some extra cash, a side gig can be a great way to accomplish any (or all) of the above. Better still is that there are no definitions to a side gig. Start as small as you feel comfortable, and grow it as big as your heart desires. This is your project, and you have the ability to make it your own, big or small. 

The key is to create a side gig that makes you happy. However, in most cases, your side gig should be bringing you something in order to create that happiness. In many cases, that’s money (small profits are still a profit), or it might be something more abstract, like the ability to create and/or network. In most cases, the goal is to earn funds (at least one day), but if you aren’t there yet, don’t fret. 

Finding Growth With Your Side Gig

There are several ways you can find growth with your side gig operation. One such way is marketing. If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to start spreading the word to the masses about what you have to offer. Better yet is that marketing can be done at no cost to you, other than your time. Create buzz on social media. A business page with regular posts can tell people about what you do, and work to get them engaged with your platform. Use a free service to add your logo to royalty-free images or design memes, etc. for visual representation. Meanwhile, hashtags can encourage others to share their own content from your brand. 

Next, network whenever possible. Attend events (live or virtual) for those in your industry, including local events like Chamber of Commerce or entrepreneur meetup groups. Talk to others, be personable, and tell them about what you do. Make real connections to increase your chance of growing your business. 

Share Your Services

You can also grow momentum by giving away a product or service to get the ball rolling. Offer a giveaway or connect with friends and family. Ask to give them something or provide a service in exchange for images and/or reviews. Those who are excited to help should be more than willing to jump on board. 

Remember not to be overbearing, however. Side gigs are exciting, but no one likes unsolicited sales messages. Make your efforts organic, real, and avoid directly reaching out to folks and asking them to spend money. 

Reach Out to Your Industry

Another way to find growth with your side gig is by connecting with those in your industry. Find out who’s been there first and see what advice they have to give. Most will be willing to provide some happy feedback or constructive criticism. In any case, don’t shy away from asking for advice, this is one of your best ways to gain insider advice. 

A side gig can be a fulfilling way to bring income or go after something new that you’ve wanted to try. Consider these smart ways to find growth with your small business, and to go after the job — or the hobby you’ve always wanted.