What’s your favorite way to take care of yourself?

When you’re in charge of others — others who need help with virtually every task — it’s hard to make time for yourself. In fact, that’s an understatement. It’s almost impossible.

But with a little creativity and a lot of planning, you can easily make time for yourself for ways to relax.

With two under three, I make an effort to do something “fun” for myself each week. It might be sneaking lunch (that I want!) while they nap in the car, it might be a haircut that I had to hire a sitter in order to attend. But whatever it is, I take that extra effort to help make my days less stressful.

Is the planning extra work? You bet! Is it always satisfying? Absolutely. Even if the feeling is short-lived, I was able to get a few quiet minutes doing something that I picked. On an especially hectic week, my time is listening to a podcast in the tub after everyone has gone to bed. Business happens. Who knows, I might even sneak the leftover Halloween candy while I’m at it. Maybe I ordered something from Amazon — something impractical and expensive, but something that makes me happy! If there’s more time, I’ll head into town for a pedicure and a stop at Target … while sipping some Starbucks, of course.

Another go-to favorite is sitting and coloring in the quiet. Sure I could be catching a few extra minutes of sleep, but something about coloring random shapes is relaxing and helps settle my mind.

Moms of littles, how do you unwind and get in your self-care? Do you have to schedule your you time around others’ schedules?