Marriage can be tough, and military marriage is even tougher. The best piece of advice anyone can get when it comes to keeping their marriage strong is: “Trust each other and communicate.” It sounds cliché, but it works!

Trust is everything, especially when you are apart for long periods of time. Communication is key. Never stop talking to each other! Whether you are in the same house or thousands of miles away, talking is so important. Your spouse should be that person you tell everything to, and that you want to tell things to. If you stop talking, then things get lost in the mix of daily life.

Take advantage of those short phone calls you get from them while they are away. If they are home, then make the time to sit and talk with them. Talking is what builds a relationship early on, it is also what sustains it as the years go by.

Tell them how you feel, tell them you miss them, tell them you had a bad day, or a good day, and always tell them you love them. The bottom line is: trust each other and never, never stop talking to one another!