Military life is a unique experience — one that’s rewarding beyond measure. If you’ve lived it, you know the exact feeling. For those who are on the other side, however, civilians who have never known what it was like to live inside of the military — or beside someone within it, you’re left in the dark. You don’t know what it’s like to make connections with folks while you’re thousands of miles from home. You don’t know what it’s like to sacrifice for your country or to move at the drop of a hat to a completely new location. All of these things are like a foreign language to you as a civilian. 

But when it comes to finding a career as a military spouse, these are the exact experiences that you have to sell to your future boss. They might have had an affiliation with the military, but they might have no clue what it’s like to serve. That’s why you, as the applicant, need to show them just how much good can come from living adjacent to a military life. 

All Your Milspo Experience

As a milspo, there is much you have learned. How to pack a house, how to completely change locations in an organized manner, how to research a new town and transition effectively. Maybe you’ve volunteered with your FRG. Perhaps you’ve attended training events. All of these things should go on your resume. You don’t have to word it like that, but you can add it in a way that shows your time management, your organization, and your philanthropy. 

Then, when interviewing, don’t be afraid to talk these experiences up. Own it, you’ve lived it and found your way to the other side. It’s not a cushy gig as a milspo, and folks don’t understand the half of it. You’re there supporting, handling the family (emotionally and logistically) often all alone. And through it you get tough, you learn new skills. 

Meanwhile, you’re independent, adept at finding new resources available to you, and so on. None of this should be taken lightly. 

Life as a milspo is not easy, and yet you’ve found a way to come out ahead. This is something that should be celebrated in all areas of your life, including your resume. 

Breaking the Stigma

There are many stereotypes that are associated with military spouses, and this is your chance to break the mold. The military in general, for that matter, doesn’t always show its best side to the public. Therefore, you can take the chance to show just how much good that has come of your time in or alongside the military.

Show others, including a potential boss, just how much it’s taught you and how much more well-rounded of an individual you are, thanks to the military. And it just might land you a job. If not, at least you’ve done your part to help educate the masses about what milspo life really has to offer. 

Have you landed a job based on your milspo experience? Tell us below. 

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