There’s no denying that military spouse friendships offer a special type of connection. Sure you can find friends with whom you have things in common anywhere. But when you find someone who shares the same type of lifestyle, it allows an even closer type of friendship. A bond with your tribe. 

Hardships make people stronger, and military life all on its own is the hardship that keeps on giving. That’s also why we grab on to those around us, other military families who are going through the same rough times. 

But sometimes, it’s not the people who are around us physically, but the people who are around us virtually. Meeting new people and staying in touch long term — whether or not you have the opportunity to meet in person. 

Military spouses are used to long distance friendships already, so in the event that you actually never meet up IRL, it’s not actually that unusual. 

Find your tribe online by following these networking steps. 

  1. Find Your Niche Pages

Whatever you’re into, there’s likely 10+ places you can find others online. From Facebook pages, to virtual meetups, to Reddit or chat rooms, your people exist. Get on your favorite platforms and start searching for your interests. Professions, hobbies, and more all have groups of military spouses online. Join them and start connecting with others.

  1. Get Involved

You can’t make new friends without actually interacting virtually. Comment on posts, sign up for webinars, give feedback, and more. Soon, a pattern will start to emerge, you’ll find the people who have similar ideas and who like what you like. 

It’s also worth noting that you should remain nice and kind whenever possible. There’s plenty of online bashing, contributing won’t make you any friends. (And it could even get you kicked out off a particular platform.) 

Remain kind and talk with others to get connected. 

  1. Give Feedback, Ask for Feedback

When you’re making friends online, reciprocation is key. You give some, you get some. Be sure to keep this two-way street open in order to better get to know others and allow them to get to know you. 

Be careful to avoid giving out personal information, but opinions and kindness can be spread to the masses. 

  1. Be Careful

As mentioned above, don’t give away too much information too quickly. Even once you make friends, you’re still dealing with strangers. It would be a shame to put yourself in jeopardy because someone made a trustworthy impression. 

  1. Stay in Touch

Finally, when you meet and connect with other military spouses, keep in touch! Lifelong milspouse friends are some of the most important you will ever make; don’t throw that away just because you’re not stationed at the same location. You never know, one day your paths may cross — with PCSing, it’s always possible. 

Your tribe might not be in person, but that doesn’t make them any less special to a military family. Connect with new and old friends online for lasting friendships, no matter where you move.

What are your favorite ways to stay in touch?