Here’s a bit of British Military Info for you all (which you may or may not know).  Brits don’t have ‘veterans day’, they have Remembrance Sunday, and it is always the Sunday closest to the 11th of November.  You will notice if you ever see any British news or current affairs reports around the beginning of November that the presenters are wearing a red poppy.   This is a charity opportunity that happens every year.  One donates a small amount of change for the pin on poppy, and all of the money goes to the ‘Royal British Legion’ (   It is one of those things that as a UK resident,  it is ‘not done’ to not be wearing a poppy.  The poppy is a symbol of the fields in Belgium where so many men died in World War I.  The British also have wreaths laid at their war memorials, but they are all very much poppy based.   To the British, the poppy is the symbol of remembering those who served and died in service.

**Fiona is one of our “civilian” spouses who is part of the MilitaryOneClick team.  She had met with Jennifer Pilcher because she wanted to be involved with the military community and their families.  Fiona now works on the IT/Web development side of MilitaryOneClick.  She is a perfect example of the Military and Community Working as ONE and we feel so lucky to have her on board.  She is truly making us an international team!

Check out this video to learn more about the “Poppy Day” Movement…