Episode 55: Jennifer Pilcher, Navy Spouse, Founder



Jennifer Pilcher, Navy Spouse, Founder

Jennifer Pilcher is the Founder of Military One Click, whose mission “is to enhance the lives of military families and friends of the military community in just one click! Our site connects you with the latest news, job opportunities, deals, and countless other valuable resources.”

Jennifer grew up in New Jersey and graduated from Richard Stockton College and The College of New Jersey. She is married to a pilot in the United States Navy. She has been a Navy Spouse for over 17 years.

“Now I get why they call it a start up. You are constantly getting knocked down and if you don’t get back up you are not going to survive….Just when you are ready to throw it all in, one little window, one little door opens enough to get you through…”

Jennifer has attended TechStars Patriot Boot Camp, Inc. Military Entrepreneurs Program, Women Veteran Entrepreneur Corps and recommends each of them.

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