My family owns a little Maltese that keeps us on our toes. He loves meeting people and other dogs.

He’s just like me; he doesn’t meet a stranger. When we’re out taking a stroll through the neighborhood, he feels the need to “chat” with any human or dog he sees. As cute as he is, I still practice a few rules because being greeted by an excited dog can be scary.

Throughout our travels and owning a dog, I’ve learned some valuable lessons when it comes to greeting or being greeted by others and their dog(s).

~I take the initiative in asking about the other dog. Is your dog ok with other dogs? Is it ok for them to meet? I never assume it’s ok.
~ I pause to calm my dog down. I don’t want the greeting to turn into a fight.
~ If kids are involved, it’s ok as the dog owner to let the kids know not to pet your dog or to instruct them to wait until your dog is in a particular position to get love.
~ Many people will say their dog is friendly and it’s ok for the dogs to greet one another. Remember that you know your dog. If the cues are showing they are afraid, it’s ok to cross the street, take a quick detour or kindly say no to the dogs meeting.

Having a dog with a few doggie buddies in the neighborhood is great. And it all begins with a greeting. You have to trust your dog’s cues with those initial greetings and know it’s ok to let the other dog owner(s) know your dog just isn’t in the mode right now.

How does your dog greet other dogs?