shutterstock_142027168.jpgDon’t you love sports analogies? What better way to make a point crystal clear than to use an anecdote from the wild world of sports! If you’re not into sports, you might cringe each time you hear one of these clever ways of communicating important messages. Maybe you just don’t understand sports enough to wrap your brain around what’s being conveyed.

That said, I think this simple sports analogy will prove easy enough to understand. Let’s see how this goes!

Imagine you’re earliest experience playing sports. Maybe it was a game of Volleyball, Red Rover, or Capture the Flag. Or, maybe it was a game of Football, Basketball, or Ultimate Frisbee. Either way, there’s something you did at the beginning of one of these team sports – you picked your Team!

Think about it. No matter what sport you decided to play, the Team Captains had to decide who got picked to play on their team. After the coin toss, shooting baskets, or rock-paper-scissors, one of the Team Captains got the opportunity to choose first.

Team Captains then alternated choosing individuals who would help their team win. And who did they pick first? They picked the people most likely to contribute to a win!

You know how this story goes. The top picks make the roster first. The pretty good picks go next. Then the pickings get slim toward the end with someone picked last. Now, it’s time to play!

Guess what? Your prospective Employer has a Team Captain and gets to pick his/her Team! In an employment setting, you want to become the top pick!

Can the Team Captain look at you and instantly know that you bring something special to the Team? Where will you be in the “pecking order” or in this case, the “picking order” when it comes to selecting the members of the Team?

If you’re not the top pick, what are you doing to maximize your chances of getting picked first? If you’re last picked, have you been honest with yourself and evaluated the reasons why?

The bottom line is, you need to do all you can in order to make the act of picking you an obviously wise choice! If you’re prepared, qualified, and the right fit, it’s a “no-brainer” to pick you to join the Team!

Make no mistake about it, you can improve your chances of getting picked sooner by continually seeking to improve your interviewing skillsresume, oral and written communication, research on the companies, and anything else that shows that you command attention – and that job offer!

So, as you make your way onto the company’s Team, do all you can to get picked first!

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Going Civilian Blog | ‎06-16-2014 02:01 PM