On a normal winter day, we are hit with cabin fever. Where the days drone on and we are stuck inside, bored looking at the same movies, the same books, and shifting through the same games. Holiday excitement comes, but in the weeks after, cabin fever sets in, and family members of all ages are just plain bored.

That is on a normal winter day. This year, we’ve already been home for months. Whether in quarantine or forced home due to few public options, we’ve had enough at-home time to last us a lifetime. 

That’s why we need even more creative ideas to keep the family busy. Sign up for these fun and engaging activities for all and attempt to get your family through the worst part of the winter, COVID and all. 

Make an Indoor Slide

All the cool kids are doing it. When the weather is cold (or when you simply can’t leave), indoor slides can create hours of entertainment. First in building the slide, then in actually using it. Better yet is that you can put all those packages to good use. Save and cut up cardboard boxes, then place them together for a smooth sliding surface. Ideally, this is done down a flight of stairs. But if you’re stairless, you can go outside, or create your own incline with furniture and pillows. 

Go all-out and add tunnels, twists, and dramatic drops. Kids can even decorate the slide for an added art project. 

In a normal year we’d say this is kids-only, but it’s 2021, so kids of all ages can embrace the indoor slide and play until their heart’s content. 

Recreating Movie Favorites

We love this activity because it’s transferable to all interests. Find a favorite show or movie and recreate something iconic from the footage. Maybe it’s an unusual meal (Charlie Brown Thanksgiving anyone?), or a unique game (True American from New Girl), or just dress up and pose in your favorite on-screen jammies. (The Sound of Music has never looked more comfortable!) 

Best of all, you can do this over and over again. Remake your faves again and again for interesting ways to spice up your time at home. 

Make a Chain Reaction Video

These have gone viral during COVID — folks set up dominos, cards, bowling balls, and whatever else they can find at home. With it comes long, impressive videos of items tumbling in just the right place and order to create a full scene. 

These things can take hours, if not days, to set up, and you have proof of your labors on film. Consider keeping all busy with a group effort! 

Find a New Hobby and Master it

With extra time on your hands, COVID brings the perfect excuse to master a new skill. Learn to make an expert loaf of bread, play the piano, build your own computer, sew a quilt. Whatever it is that interests you, start learning how and make it your own. You can easily order your supplies online, then gain momentum with help from YouTube and other DIY websites. 

There are many ways you can keep yourself (and your family) busy while staying at home. Look to these examples of ways you can tackle time together, or through your own individual hobbies, to help keep the minutes happy.

What are your favorite ways to spend time at home? Tell us below.