Summer is a great time for exploring Germany because the weather has finally gotten warm, the landscapes are green, and the days are long with the sun not setting until almost 10 PM! Kids are also out of school which gives families many more days to get out and explore and have some fun.

The Insider’s Guide to Summer in Germany for Milfams

I’m sharing 10 summer actives that you can get out and try during your summer in Germany. These are both family-friendly and fun for single service members or couples; there is something for everyone.

Barefoot Parks

These are my favorite summer activity! At barefoot parks you’ll ditch your shoes and travel along a path with obstacles in your bare feet. Some of the bigger ones have mud and river crossings as well! To find one in your area you can use this site which lists them for all of Europe. Find one near you and go! There is a great one about an hour from the Ramstein area in Bad Soberheim.

The Insider’s Guide to Summer in Germany for Milfams

Food Truck Festivals

These festivals are really popular in Germany right now and with the weather getting nice again, they are popping up all over! Check out our local tourism page and keep an eye on local Facebook pages to find out when they are. They generally require an entrance fee of €3-4 per person to enter and then you can buy food from all the different vendors. The food portion size is large (€5 is an average food cost) so bring your family & friends to split the items with so you can try many! You’ll also find music and people hanging out at these, so plan on staying for a few hours.

Eis Cafes

Eis (ice cream or gelato) is a great way to cool down on a warm summer day. Most places you can get a to-go cone for €1 a scoop. Make sure you check out the Spaghetti Eis which is vanilla ice cream put through a press to look like spaghetti noodles, topped with strawberry sauce & white chocolate shavings. Yum!

Hunt for Treasure

Spend a few hours hunting through treasures at a Flohmarket. These are held normally on Saturdays and Sundays but you can also find a few during the week in some areas. There are no entrance fees– just show up with some euros and your best haggling face to score some neat finds. Some commonly sought after items are wooden dough bowls, demi johns, vintage luggage, and more!

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Hike to a Castle

Castles can be found all over Germany! Many have hiking paths that reward you with a great scenic view, like Burg Eltz. There are also many castle ruins with hiking trails as well. Pack a picnic lunch and set out to explore these trails and castles. The trails are free but some castles will require a fee to visit the inside or take a tour.

Soak up the Sun

Pools in Germany have lots to offer! Most pools include slides, several pools, and other water fun that’s not normally found at pools in the US. Admission is usually cheap at €1-2 per person for the day. Snacks are often sold but you can bring your own food & drinks as well.

Hit Up a Fun Playground

Playgrounds are fun, especially when you stumble upon themed ones… like the ones that are castle-themed. You’ll find climbing areas, grassy areas, and most likely even a zip line! Kids sure know how to have fun at the playgrounds in Germany! Each village normally has a playground and they can often be found at restaurants & attractions as well. So get out there and find your favorites!

Visit an Amusement Park

Check out the local amusement parks for some all day fun. Smaller parks offer big perks. They are often cheaper than the ‘Disney’ parks, food is much cheaper, and they are less crowded so you get more time on the rides. Phantasialand in Cologne often runs a special where you get 2 admissions for the price of 1–can’t beat that!

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Cruise a River

You can find river cruises on the Mosel and Rhine rivers. The Mosel river is more laid back with less to see; on the Rhine river cruise you can see many castles and even get off at the ports and explore the areas. Choose the one that is the best fit for your adventure.

Race Down a Hill

Spend time with the wind in your face as you race down a hill on a rodelbahn, also known as alpine coasters! There are two styles: luge and coaster. I prefer the coaster style but I’d recommend trying both as they are both lots of fun. A ride is generally around €2-3, although you can often get family packs or discounts for multiple rides. These can be found all over Germany!

The Insider’s Guide to Summer in Germany for Milfams

I hope you get the chance to check out some of these summer activities!

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