Are you over the winter weather yet? 

It’s getting to be that time of year where we are over the cold and the rain and ready for some nice days already! Whether you’ve gotten a tease of the good stuff or are still stuck in a never-ending list of mush and yuck, we feel you. Winter is long and oh-so-tiring. For families with young kids, it’s even worse. The kids are cooped up and full of energy, and you’re going crazy trying to keep them busy and entertained.

Again, we feel you. 

Instead of sulking, though (which is exactly what we WANT to do), we’re here to tell you to power through. Plan some time away from the house. Get out, get busy, and help the worst weather days pass faster into oblivion. 

Bundle Up

It’s easy and it’s fast. On the days where the weather isn’t too bad, simply bundle up and get out there. Chances are you won’t last as long as on a spring day, but a little fresh air beats none. Go for a walk, explore in the yard, head to the store down the street, or simply drink your coffee on the porch. Whatever your goal, fresh air, and sunshine can help boost your mood, even when there isn’t much of it. Plan to wear a few extra layers and get that crisp-ness in for a quick pick-me-up. 

Let little kids run — they just want to be outside, after all. And the more energy they can expend in the yard (vs. in the house), the better off everyone will be for the rest of the day. 

Go to That Indoor Thing

You know, the thing (or things) you’ve been avoiding? It’s time to make a day of it. Plan a trip to the mall. Go sightseeing at the museum. Head to the library for some activities or to find a new book. If you have a local visitor center, they’ll have a growing list to check out. You can also make a day of indoor play areas, games like arcades or bowling, restaurants with play places, and more. 

These activities are best for days when the weather is at its worst … yet when you have had enough of the cabin fever. Get out of the house or away from the office and do something different. Better yet, in terrible weather, others won’t want to get out and about. You might need to heavy-grip your umbrella, but it’s worth it for an outing away. 

Keep a running list of activities that suit your family’s needs so you can rotate out and keep everyone happy, even on terrible weather days. 

Go Sightseeing

Even if you can’t get out of the car, a good way to go see something new is by taking in the sights. Drive to a landmark you’ve been wanting to take in and check it out. If you’re able, get out and enjoy. And if not, drive around and make a plan for the next nice day. Sure, that’s not near as satisfying, but it’s an excuse to get out and something to look forward to! 

Google local landmarks or interesting sights and map out your route. Make it fun for kids by playing I spy or interactive car games. Use your imagination and get them involved so a drive in the car is far more than just that. Age-appropriate add-ons might be pointing out colors, finding directions, facts on architecture, and more. Consider it an educational field trip for all. All it takes is a little planning put in by the teacher! 

Plan Some Activities

What interests you? What’s your favorite way to stay busy? Crafts? Cooking? Building computer wires from scratch? Find what speaks to your soul and allow it to keep you busy, even when you’re stuck inside. For kids, this can mean games or age-appropriate learning activities, too. Even the planning itself and shopping for supplies can make for a day of fun. Create a detailed list with your kids about how they’d like to have indoor fun so you can help keep everyone busy and sane, even when you’re running out of energy for keeping everyone engaged. 

Pinterest has an unlimited supply of ideas. Or opt for a subscription box that mails the fun right to your door! 

There’s no doubt that toward the end of winter, you’re likely to be developing a heavy dose of cabin fever. This is not only normal, it’s expected. But don’t fret! Spring is near. Until then, make good use of these activities for a way to keep you, kids, and your spouse busy, even on days that you can’t go outside. Planning can take a little extra effort, but it’s the best way to avoid going crazy when stuck inside. 

What’s your favorite way to stay busy through a long winter?