Part 4/4:

Small Business – Why We Chose the Path Less Traveled

To Date Summary: Due to the lack of government employment in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Lt Col (ret) and his wife, Adrianna, began creating their own small business three years before Jason’s retirement to ease their transition. This 4-part article tells their personal story toward small business creation. See the previous article here.

Full Circle – Necessity is the Mother of Invention (Again)

Learning that our military service is the best, low-risk, stepping stone to small business development was only part of the story. It needed to be told. We were so surprised how well the system worked that we wanted to share the model with all military members in the hope they would use it to build a small business instead of being solely focused on employment following their military service.

To tell our story, in June 2013, I wrote the book “Active Duty Entrepreneur” outlining the concepts for why doing small business startup while serving is a good idea. Since 2013, we’ve successfully sold the book on Amazon and our website. After getting feedback from several readers, we discovered limitations to providing concepts only. They loved the idea but lacked concrete steps to actually start and grow a small business. We needed to go another layer deeper.

The Birth of PreVeteran – Helping Those Who Want to Take the Path Less Traveled

We created PreVeteran to help Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, and Spouses create a small business while still serving. Building off the concepts described in the book Active Duty Entrepreneur, PreVeteran takes it to the next level by providing users step-by-step educational modules that walk them through how to start up and grow a small business.

There are several reasons we hope that PreVeteran becomes a household name for military members and their families in the years to come. To name a few:

1). Military Members and Spouses Have Great Small Business DNA
Both groups are battle-hardened, smart, know how to create and execute plans. Small business is no different and PreVeteran gives Pre-Veteran Family Mountainsyou the tools in the most time and cost-efficient manner.

2). Creating Your Own Military Transition is Very Empowering
We all know that transition to the private sector following long-term government employment is very difficult. By starting early on your small business, you give yourself enough time to stabilize and even grow your business before you separate or retire. Don’t worry about transition again. Create your own and help others along the way!

3). Control Your Family’s Destiny
Military members, you’ve spent years following other peoples’ orders. Isn’t it time to create your own opportunities? Spouses, we have many spouse friends who have selflessly given up their careers to follow their military husbands and wives around the world and support the family. Do you want to reignite that professional and creative passion again? The best part is you can do it on your terms and your timeline.

Yes, it might sound like a daunting task now, but only because you have not started. We purposefully designed PreVeteran’s educational courseware to be simple and effective. Once given the right tools, imagine how much you can develop yourself over 6-12 months, a little at a time—at your own pace—in the safety of the military ecosystem. How good will it feel to be excited and confident about your separation or retirement, instead of feeling anxious and at the mercy of a nameless and faceless employer? You have a lot more control than you think – you just need to see it and seize it.

We Want You to Become Part of the PreVeteran Family
PreVeteran is just getting started and we want you to help us write the story together. The Pre-launch took place on 4 August with a planned Beta launch later this fall that will include educational modules. Right now, we just want to get the dialogue started, talk to you, and answer any questions you may have. To accomplish this, we created a Blog and Forum on PreVeteran that will roll out in the coming weeks allowing for two-way communication.

In the meantime, we encourage you to download a free copy of Active-Duty Entrepreneur and see how it all got started for us. In doing so, you also sign up for our newsletter that will tell you about upcoming PreVeteran events and promotions. Together we can change the transition narrative by empowering you, the PreVeteran, with more choices during your time in the military. Who knows, maybe the Department of Defense holds America’s next round of great small businesses owners who can cultivate the next economic boom. Secure your own transition with PreVeteran.


Jason C. Anderson is the founder of PreVeteran, a new website dedicated to teaching active duty, Guard, Reserve, and Spouses how to create a small business while still serving. He is also the author of Active-Duty Entrepreneur published in 2013. You can get a free copy of Active-Duty Entrepreneur at