March 25th is National Medal of Honor Day. This is a day set aside to honor the Medal of Honor Recipients. Military members from all branches are awarded the Medal of Honor for distinguishing themselves “conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity” above and beyond the call of duty, according to the Depart of Veterans Affairs. 

The Medal of Honor is awarded by Congress and is only awarded to military members. National Medal of Honor Day is set aside to remember the sacrifices of those men and women in uniform who have earned this highest of military honors. 

Ceremonies and celebrations for National Medal of Honor Day are generally found on military bases, at national cemeteries, and in local communities. 

However, if there is not a public ceremony near you, here are other ways you can celebrate and honor the Medal of Honor recipients on March 25th

  • Fly the US Flag
  • “Adopt” a gravesite of an MoH recipient
  • Donate to or support MoH societies, Veterans Services Organization, and/or veteran-oriented museums