Because we almost always live so far away from our families, we often feel pressure at the holiday season to go home. This is all well and good if that’s what you want to, and choose to do. However, oftentimes the choice to go home for the holidays comes with even more pressure and more stress than simply staying home. 

The reality is, as military families we tend to feel guilty if we don’t give in to this pressure and go home. We live so far away the entire year, we feel like we owe it to our families to be there for the holidays. However, if it is too difficult or too stressful for you to go home, then don’t. 

It’s okay to not go home for the holidays. It’s okay to advocate for what is best for you and yours. If it’s too much for you to go home, then stay where you are and celebrate the holidays in whatever way is easiest for you. It’s never easy to tell your family no, especially during the holidays. But, sometimes it is for the best. 

Do you go home for the holidays? Or do you choose to just stay put instead?