PCS= Permanent Change of Station, aka ‘Pretty Crappy Situation’
Civilian translation = moving

  1. Never count on a certain date for moving until you have “written’s” (written orders) and even then don’t count on it 100%
  2. Never, ever buy a house before you have “written’s” – or you may now own a house in California and now you are going to DC
  3. Never think a PCS is really a “Permanent Change of Station” it is temporary until you get your next set of orders – nothing about the Military is Permanent
  4. Before the packers arrive – realize that EVERYTHING will be packed
  5. Empty the trash or it will be packed
  6. Put your travel suitcase and personal’s IN the car or they will be packed
  7. Put your car keys in the car or they will be packed
  8. Buy the movers lunch – or your shipment may never arrive – a little lunch can go a long way
  9. Always try to do a “door to door” move – otherwise your stuff may end up in Japan when you are going to Florida
  10. Don’t leave the kids behind – or they will be packed!! Then again….