Learn how to lose weight and blood pressure by eating tacos. Yes, tacos!
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Taco Tuesday might’ve just passed. But is there ever a bad day to start a taco-based diet that could help you lose weight and “change your life?”

Introducing the “taco cleanse,” a new fad that promises to lower cholesterol and blood pressure and help with weight loss. But don’t go rushing off to Taco Bell or the nearest taco truck just yet. The taco cleanse is vegan-based. So no carne asada, carnitas, al pastor or even chicken in this diet.

Not even cheese.

But there are some other potentially tasty taco alternatives that allows you chow down on tacos and eat healthy that combines tortillas with vegetables and plant-based proteins like legumes. A glass of margarita even is recommended with this diet.

In this meal plan that’s based on the cookbook “The Taco Cleanse: The Tortilla-Based Diet Proven to Change Your Life,” people can stuff their tacos with things like jackfruit brisket, refried beans, tempeh picadillo, cashews, and plenty of other vegetables. The book breaks down 75 vegan recipes.

There’s even a section that explains how to order at places such as Taco Bell and Chipotle, which could make this diet even easier to follow through.

Another benefit of the taco cleanse compared to others: There’s no juicing or detoxing involved in this diet. But to truly do the taco cleanse, it means you’ll be eating tacos for every single meal. Day and night.

Good thing is there are no restrictions on beverages, and the book even condones eating the tacos with a margarita if need be. The taco cleanse does not guarantee weight loss. Instead, Stephanie Bogdanich, the co-author and “taco scientist,” said the taco cleanse is more about feeling your best, enjoying what you eat and having fun preparing them.

By Bryant-Jon Anteola, The Fresno Bee


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