Love art? Enter the Army’s MWR summer contest
(Photo: US Army, Kristen Wong, Oahu Publications)

Looking for a way to stave off the end-of-summer blues? The Army MWR’s Arts and Crafts Contest may just be what you need to stay creative and forget about the carefree days of summer coming to a close.

The contest has two divisions: Novice (those who have never taken college credits in art) and Accomplished (those who have taken college courses in art or who have won professional competitions).  Each division has nine categories offering a variety of options for craftspeople and hobbyists of all abilities and interests. Those are ceramics, digital art, drawings, fiber and textile, glass art, metals and jewelry, mixed media, paintings, and wood.

The contest runs until 11:59 CDT, August 31. Entrants must fill out an online profile including up to three pictures of each piece of 3D artwork. Three pieces of art per category are allowed at the garrison-level.

After August 31, each garrison will judge the submitted entries, with winners advancing to a branch-level competition. At that stage, monetary awards will be bestowed with a first place prize of $300, second place at $200, and third place at $100. (For the full rules and criteria, read the MWR’s complete guide.)

View the first place winners from last year–both Novice and Accomplished–here.

Watch the official video:

By J.G. Noll