Show your home some love this summer season by completing a few essential home maintenance tasks. Trust me; your home will thank you.

Start by changing your heating and air conditioner (HVAC) air filter. This is a task I admittedly NEVER remember to do. The general recommendation is to change them every 90 days. You made need to change them more frequently if you have pets, or less if it is a vacation or low occupancy home. Making sure you have clean air filters allows your heating and air conditioning unit to work more efficiently, therefore saving you money on your next energy bill! Also, if you have an outdoor air conditioning unit, make sure the area is clear of dirt and debris. You do not want anything to prohibit the flow of air into your unit. How can you remember these seemingly menial tasks? Set up a reminder in your email or on your smart phone.

This one will make you feel all warm and fuzzy…clean out your dryer lint filter. The majority of us check the filter after most dryer cycles, but about every year you should do a deep clean of the dryer vents to prevent lint buildup which can be a MAJOR fire hazard. This is not how you want to heat things up on Valentine’s Day. Here is a step by step process with photos explaining how to easily clean out your dryer vent. A good thing to remember as the weather heats up, consider line drying some of your laundry, or wait to run your dryer at night. This tip will help you save on your cooling bills.

Smoke Alarms. This one really gets under my skin. Our smoke alarm batteries only run out in the middle of the night or when our baby is napping. Ensuring your smoke alarms are always ready to go will be a great relief should anything get a little too hot this summer. The recommendation is to change the batteries once a year.

Looking for something more in-depth? These tips to increasing your home value will make you feel good about putting some effort into your home’s appeal. You won’t be the only one loving your home after completing these projects!

These are small tasks, but important ones to keep your home safe. So, set a reminder on your smart phone or email to remember each summer to give your home a little love, and you will never forget.


BrianaHartzellUSAA's avatarThank you to Briana Hartzell from USAA for this “clean” blog.


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