Have you been married for a while and looking for some ideas to bring the spark back?

We’ve been married for 17 years, 18 in March. It doesn’t seem like it one bit.

We still laugh and enjoy one another’s company. We vowed when we got married that we wouldn’t let the spark that joined us die.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Life has changed, and the spontaneous fun we once had went away for a bit. When we realized we were on that hamster wheel, we quickly said, “NOPE! Turn that fire back on!”

Here are a few ideas to help you keep or bring that spark back. Let’s have love floating all through the air.

* Act like it’s your first date again – We get dressed in different areas of the house. Hubby leaves for a bit and comes back, knocks on the door, he enters, sits on the couch, I keep him waiting, he gets drilled by my friends (the kids, lol), and then off we go.

* Hold hands – It’s simple. But a stroll holding hands sends a bit of electricity through me.

* Give a compliment – It does something to my soul when my husband tells me I look nice. And it does something for him when I compliment him too.

* Date – Just the two of you! Have a romantic evening. Get a couple’s massage.

* Gaze into one another’s’ eyes – Do you make eye contact when you talk to one another? Try it. See if you feel a bit of fire creep in.

* Talk – Communicate your needs.

How do you keep love in the air?
Milspouse – Sybil