Thank you to Bobbi Pack from MyMilitarySavings for helping keep the bunny on a budget!

I love Easter!…When it comes to getting the Easter basket together I wish I could spare no expense.  However, I am on a very tight budget and do not have unlimited funds to spend.  So, I set out with $20 cash and went on a hunt far and near, high and low, to come up with cute Easter baskets for my daughter and son.  This was not easy as most things (holiday items) are so expensive. 
Great savings tips on how to create a frugal Easter basket!

Here is what I did:

1. I went to the ATM and withdrew $20 cash.  I did not take any credit or debit cards with me on this hunt, as I was determined to only spend $20.

2. I hit to find coupons for Easter candy.  I could not believe how many coupons they had! And, they had awesome coupons for my kiddos favorite candies.

3. I took a tip to a few garage sales just to see what all they had.  I found the cutest pink bucket for $0.05!…What a deal!!  I cleaned the bucket up when I arrived home…I am a germ freak.  I could not find anything that would be appropriate for a boy, but I remembered I had a neat box at home I could use.  The box looks like it is made out of wood…what boy would not love that!

4. I hit the local Dollar Store where I purchased green tissue paper for $0.50 (this is to replace that pesky green grass that always makes a HUGE mess).  They had a huge bin filled with movies and I managed to find a movie all about animals for $1…My son loves animals so this was perfect.  I purchased my daughter a cute stuffed bunny and a bracelet for $1 each.  I found a set of bath products for $1 and they were so darn cute I knew I had to purchase them for my daughter…she would love them.  WOW…I made out like a bandit!

Great savings tips on how to create a frugal Easter basket!

5. I went to the Commissary with my coupons and went on a hunt for the perfect Easter candy.  I purchased a bag of M&M’s, Mini Snickers, one package of (6) Snicker’s Eggs, two PEZ dispensers, an Army candy bar and one Army helicopter filled with candy.  The total came to $14.50 minus the $3.75 in coupons.  I would have to say I did fantastic only spending $10.75.

I went home…with a huge smile on my face, and started to assemble the Easter baskets for my kiddos.  I set out with $20 cash and only spent $14.55 total, am I the Queen today or what!?! I wanted to think of a unique/fun way to use the remaining $5.45, after all I was determined to make this Easter amazing with $20! So, I went on a hunt through the house looking for plastic Easter eggs…I was in luck and found a huge plastic bag full of them.  I went to the local Bank and asked them if I could have $5 in dimes…trust me when I tell you $5 in dimes to a kiddos looks like $500.  I filled the plastic Easter eggs with the dimes and remaining $0.45 and hid them around the house.  I left a cute note by the Easter baskets saying:

Good morning Ali & Ethan and Happy Easter! Thank you so much for the carrots and water you left me, I gobbled it right up!  For your generosity I have hidden colorful eggs all over you home and filled everyone of them with a special surprise.  Make sure you don’t make a mess hunting for the eggs…and remember to have fun and smile.

Love your friend,

Bobbi Easter Baskets

The kiddos had a blast hunting for the eggs and loved their Easter baskets.  And, never once did they suspect I only spent $20 on the entire day.

Do you have some awesome DIY Easter ideas? Tell us in the comments section below.


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