What are your biggest memories as a kid? How many of them include holidays?

Holidays — any holiday — is a special time for the masses. And one of the biggest ways we can help make them even MORE special is through family traditions. I love hearing about everyone’s traditions because they are all so different, yet everyone cherishes them. <3

It doesn’t have to be a “big” day — it can be birthdays, or even non-holidays where everyone is able to get together. These special times are worth sharing in any capacity… but of course, Christmas is my favorite!

Since I can remember, my family has made soups and brought crockpots to my Grandma’s on Christmas Day; the food’s always hot, there’s plenty to choose from, and you can stop to take an eating break whenever you might get hungry. Plus, with so many flavors put together by different cooks, everyone is sure to find something they like! (I prefer to get small bowls so I can try as many as possible.)

When I got married, I inherited a whole new round of traditions: my husband’s family always goes to the movies; everyone in a big line to see their voted-upon favorite. Before meeting him, I’d never been to the movies on Christmas Day, but it’s a special time to enjoy a new film! (Somehow it’s just as heartfelt to share this with strangers, too.)

My husband and our kids take the month of December to — at some point — watch all of the Harry Potter movies while wearing cozy jammies and eating stove-popped popcorn. (Or as my 2-year-old will tell you, call-corn.)

I remember a friend telling me that her family, on Christmas Eve, eats Chinese food before coming home to bake cookies.

Practices across the board!

It doesn’t so much matter what you choose to do as a family for your holiday memories, as that you choose to do something! Do something together that you and your loved ones can celebrate, plan, and have fun with for the long haul.

In fact, you likely already have plenty of family traditions, whether or not you realized they were a regular thing!

What are your favorite seasonal memories?