The age old deployment question-- is it okay to use paper plates?

February 23

Okay, this first entry is about me too.  Sorry.  I’ll get to the kids tomorrow.  I reached out to all of our bloggers last week to share my new adventure.  You see, I don’t write.  I am a scientist, and I couldn’t even write a research paper right now if you paid me.  I was looking for some approval from the experts.  They all had very kind words to say.  They even made me feel like I actually knew what I was doing.  One of our awesome bloggers told me to take it easy on myself.  She said, “Use paper plates when the dishwasher is full and you don’t feel like unloading, or for any other reason, for that matter!  Do whatever it takes to make things easier on yourself.”  For those of you that know me well, you know you will very rarely find paper plates in my house.  I am completely obnoxious when it comes to stuff like that. I have no problem using paper plates at anyone else’s house.  If you buy the 800 pack of paper plates at Costco, I don’t judge.  However, you will not be using them in my house.  Well, I bought the plates.  I bought the plain white Chinet plates.  Heaven forbid they have any flowers on them.  I am not sure if I will ever use them.  They are in the laundry closet right now, but they are there if one day I don’t feel like unloading the dishwasher.  My kind friend is so right.  We need to make things easier on ourselves!  Do whatever it takes to get through.  I do miss my dishwasher.  My dishwasher is my husband.  One of the last things I said to him before he left was, “I can’t believe you won’t have to do a single dish for over six months!”  I bet those paper plates will come in handy one day.  I’ll be sure to take a picture so you can all see that I actually used them.

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February 24

B and his Daddy
B and his Daddy

B had a little meltdown this evening.  It totally came out of nowhere.  We were headed back to my room so I could help him with his reading response journal (Really?  I could swear you are in second grade.).  He was as happy as could be.  We hit the edge of the bed and he just burst into tears. “I want Daddy.”  That’s all he could say.  I don’t think I handled the situation the best way that I possibly could have.  I asked him where this had just come from.  I told him I didn’t understand how he could just start crying out of nowhere.  Well that’s pretty dumb considering the fact that it happens to me when I see a cute dog on a commercial.  Anyway, I told him that I could either help him with his RRJ or we could discuss Dad but that I couldn’t help with both at the same time.  Poor kid sucked it up and did his homework.  Once he was done, I asked him if he wanted to talk about Dad.  “No”, he said sadly, “I’m okay.”  Are you kidding me?  I thought to myself, “This is going to happen again and again.  I just know it, so you better figure out how to handle it better.”The age old deployment question-- is it okay to use paper plates?

Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated!

On a side note… How awesome is it that my neighbor gave me her left over Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets that she had bought for her daughter’s birthday luncheon, and I didn’t have to cook dinner!  Nuggets, fruit, milk, oh yeah and the French loaf that I had bought yesterday for the spaghetti we were suppose to have for dinner tonight.  At one point, G said, “This is the best dinner ever.”  Maybe it would have tasted even better to him on a paper plate.  Love my neighbors!