This military community organization wants you to sound off
(Photo: US Marines, Cpl. Monica Erickson)

The Military Family Advisory Network (MFAN), an organization that connects military families with resources, is conducing a survey in order to collect feedback and evidence of what matters most to military and veteran families.

This is the first survey MFAN has conducted in three years. According to Dr. Shelley Kimball, MFAN board member and survey director, the findings will be used to discover and confirm what resources and supports military families enjoy and are using successfully. “If we find gaps in coverage, we will look for ways to fill them,” Kimball says.

The survey is designed to be candid and to collect information qualitatively. “The survey is built in a way that is gives a personalized set of questions to each participant. That saves a lot of valuable time, and it makes the results that much more valid,” says Kimball. It is a project that uses social science research methods: “We also pretested the questions with a diverse sample of the military community to ensure that they were clear and relevant.”

Military and veterans are invited to participate and share their thoughts through the 15-minute survey. It is open until November 12 and can be found here.

By J.G. Noll