MilitaryVotesMatter (powered by MilitaryOneClick), Doctrine Man, We Are The Mighty, and Got Your 6 teamed up to offer a non-partisan poll to the military and veteran communities to better gauge where military-connected registered voters currently stand for the Presidential election.

This poll is not meant to reflect the views of the entire military community population or the entire electorate, but instead was conducted around the IAVA/NBC Commander-in-Chief Forum held on Tuesday, September 7th.

The poll was made up of 4 questions, all confidential, and none of which were tied to any identifying information. Respondents were asked the state in which they are registered to vote, who they would currently vote for, their military branch affiliation, and their affiliation within the military community.

The poll opened on September 7th and closed at midnight on Saturday, September 10th. There were over 1,300 participants from across the country.  

The survey included the major party candidates Hillary Clinton (Democratic) and Donald Trump (Republican), as well as Gary Johnson (Libertarian), Dr. Jill Stein (Green), and Darrell Castle (Constitution). Respondents also were able to select “Undecided” or write in another option.

Military community weighs in: Johnson wins Commander-in-Chief poll

Overall, Gary Johnson led the poll with 36% of the total vote. Donald Trump received 30% and Hillary Clinton, 24%. Stein and Castle each garnered less than 1% of the vote.   

55% of the respondents have worn or are currently wearing the uniform ( with 15% still active duty), while 45% were family members.

Military community weighs in: Johnson wins Commander-in-Chief poll

Among active duty members Johnson had a significant lead with 53% and Clinton and Trump tied at 20%; however among family members of active duty members, Trump received 39% of the vote, Clinton 30%, and Johnson 21%.  

The top five states that most votes came from host large military bases and have a significant active duty and veteran population. Those states were: Virginia, Texas, Florida, California and North Carolina. Clinton led Virginia voters, while Trump led in California, Texas, and North Carolina and Johnson had the most votes in Florida.

Military community weighs in: Johnson wins Commander-in-Chief poll

The largest group of respondents were affiliated with the Army at 44% of the total vote. The Air Force and Navy each had 20%, Marine Corps had 14%, and Coast Guard had 1%.   

Military community weighs in: Johnson wins Commander-in-Chief poll

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