Military discounts on cellular phone plans
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Military families are always on the go, and most times the best way to communicate with loved ones who may be spread throughout the country is with cell phones. That’s why it’s great news that most of the major cell phone service providers offer military discounts on cellular and wireless plans to active duty service members, and in some cases, veterans as well.

Do some comparison shopping to find the right cell phone plan for you and your family. Remember to take into consideration the many different plans offered for cellular use (talk and text) and data use (Internet connection).

For instance, if you use your cell phone mainly for talking and texting but not for surfing the web, focus on a plan with unlimited talk and text and a small data plan. However, if you use your phone for frequently checking email and watching videos, you might look into a plan with more data. Overage charges can get costly so you want to avoid going over your data allocation.

Once you know what you want, use the following military discounts to get the best deal to suit your needs. Please contact the cell phone provider to check your eligibility.


Qualified active duty military, reserves, National Guard, veterans, and spouses of active duty and deceased service personnel can receive 15% off the monthly service charge on qualified plans, including AT&T unlimited plans.

The discount is available at your local AT&T wireless store, a military installation, or you can call Customer Service.

Boost Mobile

To help deployed military personnel Boost Mobile allows service men and women to keep their accounts and phone numbers intact while deployed overseas. While enrolled in the Deployed Military Program, no service charges will be incurred and no reactivation fees will be applied when the account is restored.


The Sprint Discount Program offers active duty military personnel, National Guard, Reserves, and veterans a 15% discount off select rate plans. Sprint also offers a Military Suspend program for service personnel who are deployed. And if you’re heading to Japan, U.S. military personnel receive special wireless benefits from SoftBank (the parent company to Sprint).

US Cellular

Active duty military, National Guard, Reserve, and veterans who are U.S. Cellular customers can receive a 15% discount off their calling plan charges on individual single line and/or family plans.


Verizon Wireless offers active duty service members and veterans a 15% discount off your monthly Verizon Wireless service and a 25% discount off select accessories.

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