Work With Military Families? Family Resiliency Program Will Help You Reach Them With Information About Common Mental Health Challenges

If you work with military families, you are familiar with the unique challenges they face and the incredible resilience they possess. Separation, relocation, family role shifts and the anticipated risks and dangers that come with deployments are some of the things that make military life challenging. To help military families cope with these challenges Military Pathways, a Department of Defense-funded initiative, will again be providing its Family Resiliency Program free of charge.

The program’s family resiliency materials include a broad array of resources. The resources address the emotional and psychological needs of military families by helping them to recognize the symptoms of common mental health issues, cope with the challenges of military life, build resiliency, and know where to go if they need help. The materials are perfect for family readiness groups, chaplains, Yellow Ribbon events or any other group that works to reach out to military families with the messages of resiliency and hope.

There are two different types of program options to choose from: Family Resiliency Kits or Packets.

  • The Family Resiliency Kit has enough material for 250 people. As an added bonus, the kits include giveaway items for families with the slogan, “Test Your Mood.”
  • The Family Resiliency Packets, also called Individual Family Kits, include selected materials from the Family Resiliency Kits, but in 100 pre-packaged folders. These kits are meant to be easily distributed to people at events or in high traffic areas.

Best of all, these materials are completely free to you. However, the DoD requires that everyone who orders a kit provide feedback on how the materials were used.

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