Every May the President declares it to be National Military Appreciation Month. This is set aside as a time to show gratitude and appreciation for the military past and present. There are multiple observance days in May that specifically acknowledge the members of the US military and the services they have provided for our country. 

These days of observance include VE Day, Memorial Day, Military Spouse Appreciation Day, and Armed Forces Day. 

This practice of National Military Appreciation Month originated in 1999 when Senator John McCain introduced the legislation. Both the Senate and the House of Representatives then adopted resolutions stating that Americans should recognize and honor US Military members during National Military Appreciation Month. This also encouraged the President to issue a proclamation encouraging the people to observe National Military Appreciation Month. 

Along with the many observance days, and the proclamation of the President, there are many businesses that offer discounts for Military Appreciation Month as well.

Every year, Military Spouse Appreciation Day is observed on the Friday before Mother’s Day. 

The tradition of Military Spouse Appreciation Day began in 1984 when President Ronald Reagan recognized how profoundly important the commitment of the spouse is to the military members’ readiness and well-being. He declared the first Military Spouse Appreciation Day with Proclamation 5184, which was dated April 17, 1984. With the establishment of National Military Appreciation Month in 1999, Congress officially declared Military Spouse Appreciation Day as a part of that month of observance. They standardized the date by making it the Friday before Mother’s Day each year. 

This day is often observed with Spouse Appreciation Luncheons, educational workshops, and spouse employment fairs to pay tribute to the Military Spouse and show appreciation for the sacrifices they make every day. Check with your local military installation for events in your area. 

On this day, take the time to thank a military spouse in your life. The military spouses are the silent heroes who stand by the military members and are essential to their strength. The commitment and support of our military spouses help to keep our nation safe. 

Today and every day we salute the Military Spouse and are grateful for their service and sacrifice.