About National Military Spouse Network – Military Spouse Career Summit

Download the flyer for the 2012 Military Spouse Career Summit here!

The Military Spouse Employment Summit is a signature event of the National Military Spouse Network. A dynamic, interactive, professional development and employment education event specifically designed to ensure that military spouses are prepared to take advantage of opportunities made available in response to America’s First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama’s challenge to Corporate America…

“…Hiring Americas Vets and military spouses is not just about helping them, it’s about how they can help you — So I am not asking you to do this out of the goodness of your heart — do it because it is good for your bottom line and the success of your organization…”

Are you a recent college graduate or a spouse that is just starting out? Have you been working in the same career field for the past 10-15 years and are looking for a change? Are you looking at reentering the workforce after years of volunteering or being a stay-at-home mom? Do you know how to translate the talents and skills you have developed as a military spouse into assets and accomplishments that can be listed on your resume? Is your 30-second elevator speech intriguing enough to get you another 2-3 minutes of conversation and possibly an offer for an interview or job? Corporate America is reaching out…are you ready?

Traditionally, military spouses have been called the Silent Ranks, well – not anymore! We have a higher level of education, volunteer more in our local community than our civilian neighbors and are looking for new opportunities to develop personal and professional career goals outside of our service member’s career.

If this speaks to you, then come join us at the Military Spouse Employment Summit! Bring your questions, concerns, suggestions and ideas. This is a great opportunity to pull together a group of friends and make a weekend of it.

ABOUT NMSN: The National Military Spouse Network is the pre-eminent networking, mentoring and professional development organization committed to the education, empowerment and advancement of military spouses.