Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse
Co-founders of R.Riveter

Don’t miss this amazing company run by all military spouses, just like us! ~ Danya

When you hear the words, ‘It’s time to PCS again’, your mind starts to run through the laundry list of questions.  One question many military spouses ask is, ‘Will I be able to find a job at our next duty station?’  Military families are relocated approximately every 2.9 years, making it difficult for the spouse to pursue a single career or gain work experience.  Many spouses of service members need flexibility in their employment opportunities as they manage their households while their partners are deployed or out on a field exercise. It was these unique challenges that inspired Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse to create R. Riveter in 2011.

R. Riveter Clutch
Abrams Handbag

R. Riveter exists entirely to provide a flexible income to military spouses on the move.  The goal is to foster self-identity and purpose that the founders noticed were missing in their own lives and that of other military spouses when they were without a career outlet.   The company is run entirely by military spouses; from the making of the smallest purse part to the models on their advertisements. Each bag is handmade by a military spouse from old military materials like duffle bags, wool blankets, and shelter halves.  These up-cycled materials are combined with real, hand dyed leather to make each R. Riveter bag– producing a kind of character that is totally unique and full of history.  Purse parts come from all over the country, making each R. Riveter bag a symbol of the American spirit and connection to the military community.  The R. Riveter collection of handbags is the foundation of a company dedicated to serving the spouses of our service members. 

Cameron Cruse spoke about why R. Riveter is so important to her and the other R. Riveter independent contractors, “We are inspired by the women who have come before us and truly exemplify the ‘We Can Do It’ attitude. Military spouses are a special group of women who take on the challenges of daily life and have a heart to serve in their community. As a special way to honor these women, all of the bags are named after military families. Made by hand to a strict quality standard, R. Riveter hand bags are a statement of pride and support for all military spouses and families.”

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