MilitaryOneClick is investigating reports of all walk-in military TRICARE Service Centers closing in April

TRICARE Service Centers provide “…face-to-face customer service outlets, usually located in military hospitals and clinics around the globe,” according to the TRICARE website .

According to the Department of Defense new Defense Health Agency plan, “The TRICARE Service Center (TSC) initiative will improve customer service efficiency by eliminating expensive walk-in service centers located at every MTF and providing greater access to information through current toll-free call centers and readily available internet resources.” TRICARE support functions will begin transitioning to a shared services model within the new DHA on Oct. 1, 2013, with all TRICARE walk – in Service Centers doors closing by April 1, 2014, according to several TRICARE representatives.

According to Suzanne, an active duty military spouse and mom of two young children, “The support we received from our local TRICARE Service Center was invaluable as we prepared to move our family halfway around the world from Hawaii to Italy. When we arrived in Italy, the local service center processed our paper work right away, so I could be seen immediately due to complications with my pregnancy. We are so grateful for the TRICARE Service Centers and the help and care they provide to our military families.”

TRICARE Service Centers are located around the world to assist our military and their families. “Visiting a TSC can help ease some of the uncertainty encountered when seeking medical care in overseas locations. The TSC is an important resource whether seeking health care in a military hospital or clinic or from a local host nation provider in the surrounding community,” according to the TRICARE website.

Currently it is unclear if the overseas locations will also be closed. At this time, specific information or announcement about these walk-in TRICARE Service Center closures could not be found by MilitaryOneClick on the TRICARE website, however beneficiaries can contact their local TRICARE Service Center or call their regional TRICARE Service Center office for additional information.

Barbara Harpuder, military spouse and mom of three young children commented, “I am saddened to lose yet another face to face connection. While stationed in DC I was able to walk into an office with a speech therapy bill that I should not have received and the TRICARE representative took care of it right away. I am concerned I will not have the same results over a phone or through a website.”

According to the TRICARE representatives MilitaryOneClick spoke with, the walk-in TRICARE Service Centers will be replaced by the toll-free call centers and website services by April 1, 2014.

Tammy L. whose husband is currently serving on a year – long deployment in Afghanistan shared, …”I can’t even imagine the undue stress and angst this will add to our military families…and if this website and call center is like the new website problems, there are going to be major issues for military families in the middle of moving, deploying, loss of their spouse, exceptional family member, wounded warriors… I am extremely disappointed.”

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