Another year has come and gone, and with it, an entire year of posts for our military community. Here’s what we wrote … and what you couldn’t get enough of.

10. 11 things this military mom has learned (after 11 deployments!)

Mom andfour military kids copy

“I thought I knew it all. I grew up in the military and married the military. But fifteen years ago when my eldest son took his oath to defend and protect on Induction Day at the US Naval Academy, I was ambushed by my feelings. Fear, worry and pride washed over me like a flood. His three siblings soon followed him into military service.

9. 15 German fall festivals near Ramstein and Spangdahlem


Fall festivals have come and gone, but you’ll want to bookmark this if you’ll be stationed in Germany this coming autumn.

8. 7 tips for OCONUS military families visiting Disneyland Paris

Tips for military families vacationing at Disneyland Paris! Save for later!

Stationed in Europe with dreams of Disneyland Paris? If you missed this piece, make sure you check it out for real, actionable tips from someone who visited with two young children… and enjoyed it.

7. To my military husband on Father’s Day

To my military husband on Father's Day-- so sweet! (2)

“We just got you back, and you’re gone again. You’ve missed birthdays and Christmases, anniversaries and Thanksgivings. You’ve missed big days and little moments, first dance recitals and last days of school, all because you felt in your heart the call to serve.”

6. What a Coast Guard family wants you to know


The Coast Guard may be the most misunderstood branch of the military. The response to this informative and touching piece from a Coast Guard spouse proves that our military community is hungry to learn more and support everyone.

5. Military community weighs in: Johnson wins Commander-in-Chief poll


Even if 2017 is every bit as awful as 2016, at least it will not have the craziest political season in American history. Gary Johnson (remember him?) won our informal military community presidential poll, and everyone wanted to read about it!

4. 8 military spouse memes that make us LOL

8 military spouse memes that make us lol fb

Stressed out about the holiday season? Take a break and revisit this piece. It’ll have you laughing in no time.

3. Why military spouses can’t have it all

why military spouses can't have it all fb

It’s an ugly stereotype that military spouses don’t care about their careers. It’s not that we don’t care. It’s that sometimes it’s actually impossible to have one. This piece resonated with frustrated, career-oriented milspouses.

2. 7 Mad Dog Mattis quotes for military spouses


This Marine general always seems to top everyone’s list of favorites… and our popular post list was no different.

1. TRICARE Dental Plan contract changes hands

Find out about the DoD's change in contract for the TRICARE Dental Plan.

That’s right. The most popular post of 2016 was this piece we broke before anyone else did. And it was about your teeth. Whenever benefit changes come along, military families wonder how they will affect their lives. MOC will always be right next to you, explaining what’s coming and how it will make life different for military families everywhere.