By Lizann Lightfoot

Don’t you love the scene in Cinderella when the fairy godmother waves her wand and says, “Bibbity-bobbity-boo”? With some sparkling magic, Cinderella’s torn dress is transformed into a gorgeous ball gown. Her animal friends become horses and footmen, and she rides her glittering pumpkin coach off to the ball.

It would be great if military life came with a fairy godmother. Especially for those challenging PCS moves when you have to move the whole family across several time zones or overseas. If military spouses had a fairy godmother during a PCS move, this is what we’d ask for.

Extra hands to help with the cleaning



Cinderella had help from the mice, the birds, and her dog. We would be happy with just one magical helper who could clean out the house, sell all the baby gear in a yard sale, and make the house spotless for the checkout inspection. And if it could happen by tomorrow, that would be greeeeeat.

Instead of a pumpkin coach, a magical moving truck



It doesn’t have to sparkle and shine, but it would be amazing if a moving truck perfectly held all your household goods, so we wouldn’t have to play Tetris and repack it four times. If we could snap our fingers to transport it to your next duty station, that would be even better. Maybe this magical truck should be equipped with flying carpets that could safely unload our goods into the new house. That would definitely be much more useful than the pumpkin.

Employ a paperwork fairy



No more waiting around, holding our breath until some government official signs a form. The paperwork fairy would get everything filed and signed on time. They would arrange all legal documents, birth certificates, copies of orders, and photocopies of driver’s license into one neat file. Then whenever we called for the paperwork fairy, they would appear with a copy of the correct paperwork.

Have magical transportation for the kids and pets


Instead of spending months making expensive arrangements to transport pets from one duty station to another, military spouses would rather use a magic mirror to get from Point A to Point B. The hardest part of moving with children is deciding between expensive plane tickets or long hours of riding in the car. With a magic mirror, a military spouse could move the entire family in one day! This would be especially useful when the service member is not available to help with the move.

Wave a wand and repair all the broken things



So many things get lost or broken during a military move. Sometimes it is just some dents or scratches in the furniture. Other times, precious things are completely smashed and destroyed. And some boxes disappear entirely–usually the ones filled with family heirlooms, Christmas ornaments, and wedding photos. Instead of taking photos and videos of everything before the move, filling out piles of paperwork, and then waiting months for a reimbursement, military spouses would rather wave a magic wand to have all their stuff restored to its original condition.

Resize all the furniture for the next house



Cinderella’s fairy godmother gave her magic glass slippers that fit perfectly on Cinderella’s tiny feet. Military spouses would love to see a fairy godmother work that same magic on their furniture. The bedroom set that fit perfectly in the last house needs to be downsized to fit in the new place. If that corner desk were just four inches shorter, it wouldn’t be blocking the doorway. And the family’s sofa sectional now needs to change into two love seats to fit the awkward living room layout. A fairy godmother could take care of all that, right?

Use magical curtains



Doesn’t every military spouse have at least one box that follows them from house to house but is hardly ever opened? This box contains all the curtains that don’t work at the current house but might possibly fit at the next place. Magical curtains would eliminate all those boxes because the color and length would adjust to each new home. Instead of spending weeks measuring each window and trying to find a store that stocks extra-long curtain rods, military spouses could get their curtains up and their privacy back within moments!

Have an unpacking fairy on hand



The military should really issue an unpacking fairy for each PCS move. They would help locate the correct boxes for each room and fly items into their new locations on shelves and in closets. Pictures could be hung without using hammers and drills. Then, the unpacking fairy would snap their fingers to make all that extra packaging paper disappear! The empty boxes would vanish and you would find yourself instantly moved in to your beautiful new home.

A military spouse can dream, right?