Do you have a hard time saying no?!

Somehow, in 2019, we’ve crossed into this threshold where Moms are expected to do EVERYTHING. Work, cook, clean, run errands, plan anything and everything the family will do, feed the pets, the list goes on and on. Then there are all these pushes about “self care” and honestly — who has the time?! We have to do all of the above plus actually feed and bathe ourselves… we’re lucky if there’s any time left at all.

That’s also why it’s ok to say NOOO. When someone asks you to help, to volunteer, to donate, Just. Say. No. You have kids and that’s the best excuse of all time. No one can be mad at you for being busy raising your small ones. (And if they are, you don’t need to be giving that person anything anyway!)

Even when we are bombarded, this culture has grown where we feel guilty for turning others down. And that is NOT ok. There is nothing rude about politely declining. So stop feeling guilty already and just be honest.

In fact, to further ease your guilt, here’s a list of pre-made excuses for you to choose from. The next time you’re asked to go to an event or participate in something that’s going to overflow your plate, just find the response that best fits.

● “I wish I could help you but I’m so busy with the kids.”
● “We just have so much going on with school and activities.”
● “That’s past their bedtime, maybe next time if it’s not a school night.”
● “Oh dang! We are already booked.”
● “Gracie has the flu; we are keeping our germs in check.”
● “We have friends/family coming into town. We’re really excited to see them so we have to skip out.”

You have a lot on your plate, Mama. Don’t feel bad about turning others away and saying no when it’s all just too much. Your priorities are your family and yourself; everyone else can wait!

What’s your best way to avoid being overloaded?